Oh how you love a little taste of my life, down here in Florida. I know you think it’s all sunshine, oranges and flamingos. I bet you didn’t know that it is also all pollen all the time. And this year? Worst pollen EVER.

I moved here with little to no allergies that I knew about. And since I have been here (and we are going on 4 years now), this fourth year is a bitch. A total huge bitch.

A pollen covered bitch.

So I have been a sneezing, itchy eyeballs, miserable person for about 2 weeks.

V has been slowly building up to getting sick. It seems to be a regular routine. So his doctor (my doctor~actually, the doctor I work for) checked him out today, put him on some antibiotics and, freakily, ordered an X-ray of his adenoids. Enlarged adenoids can cause bleeding? I didn’t know that…

Anyways, my Mummy-mind has leaped straight from sinus infection to adenoidectomy. I have rather an active imagination. So something fun for me to set up for the Little man in the next few weeks.

And so home I went, picked up antibiotics and, upon my arrival home, was greeted by the Dog, Little Man and the faint ‘hello~~’ coming from the couch.

My husband is sick again.

And the rest of my evening went as follows:

Snot, snot, snot.


I hate dinner.

I only want to eat “Nana toast” (which I, coincidentally, invented last night out of sheer desperation to get V to eat something. He hasn’t been that interested in food since he’s been so congested).

Scrambled eggs thrown all over the floor by V and quickly eaten by my dog.

He then fell, tripped, turned too quickly, arched his back to get away from me and hit his head 4 times. That resulted in 4 different screaming secessions.

M went to bed.

V went to bed.

I poured a glass of wine, sped off to get Thai takeout and sped home to drink the wine.

How I long for a Good Friday and an Easter Monday (which M didn’t believe me exists) of my very own.

Heres to no more bonked heads, another glass of wine and the desperate hope that I don’t get sick over the weekend!!

xoxo a.m.


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2 responses to “Thursday

  1. Mom

    Holy old bowllegged footstools!
    I think that’s an acceptable blasphemy, of some kind or another!
    Can you take Chlortriplon at night? Makes a huge difference the next day.
    Try eating the local honey…I do every day…my allergies are significantly diminished.
    I hope “Nana toast” is toast slices with honey on them!!!
    You might get away with cheesy toast slices the same way…baby grilled cheeses…mmmmm
    Can I pop down for a weekend…please!!!
    M. might like grilled cheese, ginger ale…and maybe applesauce with icecream.
    Love you all…talk to you Sat.???

    • Atlantic~mama

      Oh my GOD please come down for the weekend!! I’ve been taking Zyrtec, sorta the same thing. And I AM going to start eating the honey. And yes, Nana toast is toast with honey. However, he hates everything right now and is refusing to really eat. But is drinking a ton. And is over tired. And didn’t take a nap… And yes let’s talk tmrw!! xoxo

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