I have started and stopped this blog a zillion times this evening. Good topic, boring topic, distraction distraction and some more distraction.

Current distraction is 21 Jump Street Season One. Johnny Depp has such a tidy haircut…

Total distraction.

And the other distraction  would be the Little Man coughing away in the other room. We can feel it coming. It’s hovering around the house. And by ‘it’, I mean the sickness. The Plague. It is circling the crib over in the other room.

We are currently doing the following:

Runny nose, cough, super runny nose, diarrhea, lack of appetite and today he had a bloody nose again. Bloody noses were all the rage a week ago and so we took a trip to my office (the handy thing about working for an ENT) and had that checked out.

One large tube of ointment later and at least  3 days of fighting with me over swabbing his nostril with it and the problem was healed.

And now it’s back. With a little more force than it was before. I do not enjoy swabbing anyones nose with Bactroban ointment. Today he ran into the corner and tried to hide his nose.

And on the sweet side of things, today he went and fetched my photo albums from the  bookshelf. He really wanted to look at pictures.

Patiently he sat in my lap for about 20 minutes while he looked at old pictures of Mummy and Auntie as little girls, some funny pictures of Daddy and Mummy in Japan and some funny pictures of Pop-Pop and Grandma Sassy’s house before they repainted it (it was very pink, so ‘Florida’).

After those, he went and got his baby book and wanted to look at those pictures too.

It is really hard to acknowledge that he is developing tastes, preferences and interests. I pretty much think he will still do and like everything that I think he should.

How special to share my childhood photos with my own child… Now if only I had a scanner so I could share them with you…

xoxo a.m.

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  1. Mom

    So cute…!

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