As a newly Southern girl,  I have been fascinated with the Civil War.

Apparently not fascinated enough to actually read about it, just sort of a general fascination. A ‘Hey! Look! It’s another brown ‘historical site’ sign! Wanna stop?” kind of fascination.

I was starting to get into reading about it, then I got pregnant and my brain would only allow fiction. Preferably trashy fiction.

And where is this all leading? Well, it leads to our little family heading off to a Civil War re-enactment a few miles down the road.

M and I stumbled upon a little park near Lake Toho in Kissimmee a few weeks ago. It was full of all of the things we like: Cows, random Bible prayer groups and Dixie flags.

Post-Dixie flag enjoyment and, actually, right next to the flag, there was a sign for the upcoming Civil War Re-enactment.

“M!!! We should totally go!!” I shouted in the passenger seat, directly into his ear.

“Let’s!”, he shouted back.

Ok, I know this isn’t an Enid Blyton book so he totally didn’t say ‘let’s’. But it was something similar, and said with a lot of enthusiasm.

And so we went. And it was more interesting than I ever thought. There is a whole different type of class of rednecks that attend these things. So that was interesting.

And I learned things. Gunfire is very loud. Explosions are extremely hot. The cows were relocated. Small boys in Period clothing are adorable.

V did not enjoy the gunfire, but he didn’t hate it either. He happily cuddled with his Pop-Pop until it was over. and then he said “Wow!” He said ‘wow’ several times actually. I guess it’s good to expose these  Southern boys to gunfire at an early age so it’s no big surprise…

That way, you know, they can be properly Southern. Hmmm, perhaps we need some more Enid Blyton exposure to balance out.

In due time… in due time…

Check out here for some Civil War action heros

Check out this for Florida’s role in the war…


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4 responses to “Civil

  1. Fran

    after 20 years I still don’t consider myself a “southern girl” – up in NY no one ever spoke of the Civil Wall – our history was mostly learing about the immigrants who came to Ellis Island (my grandfather was one). So I have to admit to being very ignorant about it and now that you and M got involved I probably should learn more – and maybe be more sympathetic to the Rebel cause???? Just promise me V won’t have a toy gun!!!

  2. Mom

    I like the new look!
    The re-enactment made me think of Gone With the Wind.
    Must read more about it all.

  3. Stephen Isabirye

    I am exhilarated to learn that you have mentioned British children’s writer Enid Blyton. Since she is not well known in America, it is very rare for articles, blogs that are in or deal with America to mention her name. In a rather pioneering effort, I have published the first book on Enid Blyton in North America (with special emphasis on the US, since her books are well known in Canada because of its being a recent colony and subsequently a member of the British Commonwealth), titled, The Famous Five: A Personal Anecdotage ( In fact, the book to some extent deals with Enid Blyton’s relationship with America i.e. I examine how American literature influenced Enid Blyton and vice-versa. For instance, one of Enid Blyton’s debut novels, The Secret Island was very much influenced by Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I am in agreement with you that in the US, we need some more Enid Blyton exposure to balance out.” That is to say Americans are missing out very much on the message, especially on issues pertaining to morality, that Enid Blyton’s books convey. Perhaps my book could be one of the first steps in redressing this inbalance…
    Stephen Isabirye

    • Atlantic~mama

      That is quite interesting and am glad you are exhilarated. I am actually from Canada and was an avid Enid Blyton reader as a child. The Secret Island is one of my favorites and I honestly cannot believe the lack of wonderful British writers in bookstores down South. Even modern ones. It is so disappointing.

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