Nebulizers suck


Oh please... who's child sits like this for treatment! Come on!

Can I just say I am frustrated?

Damn. It.

Several months ago when V was sick, it turned out that he was mildly asthmatic. So darling Dr E recommended a nebulizer and to start ‘treatments’ when he had attacks.

Attacks? Almost never, unless he has a cold, which is where he is right now.

So last night he woke up crying and coughing and I rushed upstairs to comfort him. He was coughing and then crying. Nose running all over the place, cough and crying in spurts. And just with the most miserable look on his face while this was all going on.

So out came the nebulizer as he sounded pretty wheezy. And that’s where my evening got awful.

Wail, scream, wail, scream, shriek shriek shriek. I think that is baby talk for “Mummy, I hate this thing, the way it sounds, looks and smells…. basically everything about it. I hate it.”

Yup. He hates it. I think it made him cry more.

Eventually I got him calmed down and off to bed.

He slept all night. Woke up early despite the late night, coughed on and off all day. Ate BBQ with Mummy, Pop-Pop and Gramma.

Went to bed like an angel and woke up about and hour later with exactly the same symptoms as last night.

And so 30 minutes ago we went through the same routine. Except I thought I was being clever by being prepared.

I got a juice bottle. I prepared a dish of snackies. I brought the nebulizer downstairs. I put on Sesame Street.

I. Was. Ready. And I felt awesome about it…

V did not. Total repeat from last night. Except worse and with a snottier nose. And more crying. And just worse all around.

The neb and him are not a fantastic team.

8 months ago there was no problem with it. He would happily eat snackies while the nebulizer was pumping away in front of his face.

Now, not so much.

Any tips on making it tolerable?

(besides lollipops and doing the treatment while he sleeps– who are we kidding, neither of those work)

But any tips are greatly appreciated…

xoxo a.m.


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5 responses to “Nebulizers suck

  1. Mom

    Not that familiar with a strap-on the face type of nebulizer….but…
    Auntie RB spent much of her little yrs. with a humidifier in her bedroom at night.
    A/C might dry the air too much for V. if he gets a bit of asthma when he’s sick…and a humidifier might do the same job as the nebulizer…to the whole room while he’s sleeping.
    Ask the Dr. what she thinks of that idea?
    Hugs to all of you…extra hugs to V
    Mom and Nana

  2. Corey Meyer

    Keep trying…I have two children who use or used those things. Sooner or later he will connect feeling better with the neb. the crying and fighting it should lessen.

    I know what your going through…it is worse on you than on them in the long run.

    Best of Luck…


    • Atlantic~mama

      Thanks for your thoughts!! I think part of the problem as that we only use it when he is sick (which is when the wheezing starts up) and since its months in-between those episodes, he forgets all about it.
      It just was a particularly awful set of nights…. and so overwhelmingly frustrating. But he is better now, over the flu and the wheezing and all of that nasty stuff 🙂
      xo a.m.

      • Corey Meyer

        My kids were on Xoponex 2x’s a day during the winter months and that kept them from getting really bad during that time. We also had them sit on our lap for comfort when they were really young to do the neb. Now they can sit quietly and take the treatments…my youngest who is 4 1/2 plays on the computer while doing a treatment.

      • Atlantic~mama

        Wow. I am really impressed. I am really going to go into the next treatment time with a more positive attitude. And maybe try the computer… V is only 17 mnths, but he sure likes banging away on the keyboard. Maybe something more stimulating and attention grabbing will do the trick next time! And next time will be in like 6 months and I am sure I will be blogging about the same thing again…. I really appreciate your suggestions though!!

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