As I try to think and write this evening, my mind is filled with  a million wandering thoughts. Most of which revolve around things like ‘What colour will I paint my bedroom/living room/other bedroom and that other other bedroom” and ‘painting’ in general. And moving.

M and I are now homeowners!

Holy freaking holy! Awesome! Exclamation point!!

About 10 days ago, I fell in-love with a townhouse.  It is just perfect. I then preceded to mentally move myself and family into it. Just in my head, mind you…. And before I had even told M anything about it.

I redecorated the upstairs rooms. I ripped up the laminate floor in the kitchen. I purchased furniture for the diningroom. I decorated the back patio with twinkle lights, cosy tables and one sweet barbeque. I made it ‘home’ in my head.

AND. Then  I got mad at M when he confronted me about being a little ‘over-the-top’ in-like with this place/neighbourhood/lifestyle etc.

Could I be any higher maintenance than I am already?!?! Ha! Seriously I am not.

But sometimes love just happens….. and love is what happened with me and this place when I opened that front door. Watched Little Man crawl up and down those few steps in the living room… and scootch across the living room floor at a neck-breaking speed. Leaving him for a few seconds, I wandered out into the back patio and mentally turned it into a gorgeous floral grotto, draped with heavily scented greenery (jasmine), the sound of falling water tinkling away in the background (kiddie pool) and a cool beverage in my hand under the umbrella (lemonade….ish…).

I then wandered back in, headed for the front porch and imagined our street at Christmas-time… Then I mentally painted the whole inside.

I might, just might, have gone a little over-board. Mentally, that is. In a non-mental way.

Which, of course, all makes sense once you think of it properly…. just like I suggest you should. Whole-heartedly. With all of your heart. With everything. All imagination. All mind. All everything in that scented, green bower that is my future back courtyard, filled with jasmine creeping all over the place….. with the sounds of V splashing away in his pool adding gorgeous watery sounds, filling the yard with the most delicious of all noises.



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2 responses to “Backyard

  1. Mom

    Awww…it will be all of that…so delighted for you guys!
    It’ll be tough to wait until the New Yr. to come and visit!!

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