Pomp and Circumstance


A first birthday party is a big deal, as I was soon to discover. To be honest, its something that has been on my mind  for the past 6 months. This party has gone through many any reincarnations. It started out as an 80’s themed party (and in retrospect, what on earth was I planning), moved onto a ‘Star’ themed party and then just moved into a ‘party’ themed party.

I was even going to make mix-cd’s as party favours until Mike and I listened to what I had so far and we realized that I have crappy taste in music. I mean, we already knew that (seriously, who buys the Aqua cd and enjoys the other songs on it apart from “Barbie Girl”).

Regardless, I finally worked out what I wanted to do, bought everything (frequent trips to Target, BJ’s and Costco), had frequent chats with my mother-in-law re: invitations and organization.

Every question I asked M was answered like this “Whatever you think is best” or like this “That sound’s like a great idea honey!”, but no actual input. That’s fine. We all know how much I like lists and planning 🙂

Lets just say that I stayed up way too late the night before (cousin love, really, ain’t such a bad thing) and got up way too early. And then baked things all morning. And decorated. And fought some nasty woman in the party store for balloons. AND won. And walked victoriously out to the parking lot where I fought to get those balloons in my small car. Where approx 1/5th of them popped. Awesome.

Anyways, I am pretty sure I worked myself up into a right and proper state. Surprising? No. Not really.

It’s genetic.

This is a cautionary tale to those parents who have yet to experience the first birthday party.


Do not make a commemorative cd.

Do not invite 30 people.

Do not expect your child to think cake is awesome.

Also do not expect your child to enjoy having 30 people clapping and staring at him in unison.

Forget to drink water. And forget to eat as you are fussing over everything so much.

And finally, expect to be totally exhausted, so thoroughly exhausted that perhaps you need to take a nap. And take one. For real.

I did.

And I felt much better.

I still need a few days to recover though. It’s almost the equvalent of hitting up the bars Saturday night when you are about 23. Think headache, exhaustion and inability to eat anything (except that nasty nacho cheese you can get at 7-11).

So ladies (and gentlemen) plan these parties carefully. And post-first party, think ahead carefully to next year. Now you have experience…. you can survive…


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5 responses to “Pomp and Circumstance

  1. Mom

    O my darling…no one could have said it better!
    I think I have recently become the Queen of understated events.
    Think small…it’s so much fun…but don’t forget to invite me!!!
    Electronic hug…saving the real one for Wed.
    Love you all…

  2. Christine

    So true! I had Anna’s first at a “play” place…Kiddie Karnival or something like that with 8 of her “friends”! VEry cute but birthday number two was cupcakes at the house with the grandparents!
    I totally hear you about asking the husband….are they actually able to come up with an original idea?! I am an avid list maker and planner myself…..ANyway I’m sure your family is dying to see all three of you so have a great time!

  3. Talia

    Jaclyn almost had pie this year because Damian doesn’t like cake. She was actually trying to push cake on an almost 3 year old who would rather eat fruit and then probably the only mom who was a little bit bummed cause her kid would rahter eat fruit then cake. I am so grateful i have you to deal with all this before me. I plan on printing out your blog when i get pregnant and then using it as a guide.

  4. Jenna

    I love this advice! And it’s so true! We went small with Myles’ first and second birthday parties but went much bigger for #3. It was still a lot of work though. Glad you survived. Congratulations on being the mommy of a one year-old. 🙂

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