Bloody lip


I have a split lip, courtesy of my son.

Let me backtrack a little….. V and Pop-Pop hung-out Friday(as a result of a day-care  scheduling issue). M worked the usual 2 jobs. I didn’t eat lunch (for the 3rd time this week), left early and relieved Pop-Pop from grandson-duty.

Off V and I went to pick up birthday party supplies…. Oh, I am getting soooooo excited about his birthday. I know all he is going to do is ignore everything, look overwhelmed, cry and smear cake all over everything. And maybe swim in the pool. Again, I am so excited.

So Friday evening was the usual…. usual dinner, usual bath, usual struggle to strap a diaper onto that little fat bum. Usual everything. During diaper-changing, I usually give him a toy to play with to distract him while I wipe the tush and slap that diaper on. Today his toy was a maraca.

Big mistake.

Seriously, it really was.

The first sign was when he learned to how to shake it. So adorable really, a baby shaking a maraca. And the look on his face while he was doing it was priceless. Even though he has had the toy for ages, this was the first time he realized that he could make it make noise.

And make noise he did. And about 25 minutes later I started to regret giving it to him (mostly after I got hit in the head repeatedly by that darn thing)…. but when I tried to take it away, he cried (and so I gave it back).

During that whole “Can Mummy have the maraca??” I got headbutted in the mouth and split my lip. Holy Mother does V ever have a hard head. It didn’t seem to faze him at all though, and this morning (Saturday) when he woke up there were no signs on that huge head of his that he had ever slammed it into my teeth at all.

I think perhaps he is impervious to pain. Or he has a really thick skull…Or both.  I can’t believe that his head made me bleed and he didn’t even notice that the whole event occurred. Although considering how much he is like his father, I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised that he didn’t notice… I think sometimes that M wouldn’t notice if the house was on fire around him, especially if some sort of  cooking program is on while the house is burning down. He would definetly stay until that end of the show, while V, Chewie and I waited patiently on the front lawn.

Chip off the old block, eh?


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5 responses to “Bloody lip

  1. Tracy

    Boy that sounds familliar to Quin. When he was V’s age if he got mad at me he’d head but me in the nose. Once it hurt so bad I took advil for like a week. It’s a wonder he didn’t break it. If he hit his head all was fine, if he hurt himself anywhere else not so fine. Now if you touch him he cries it seems. Jaxy likes to sit on my lap and slam his head in my chest/neck. Hope he doesn’t connect with the face. In Walmart yesterday he decided that slapping Mommy was funny and it sure surprised me how much it hurt! Oh the joys….. Sure wish I could come out to Victoria while you are there. If Quin weren’t in school I’d come with the kids. So disapointing. Oh well. We are going to go to Florida on our next family vacation with our friends to Disney World, was going to be November again, but Tonya is having a baby in Dec so maybe early 2010, we’ll see. We’ll have to catch you then.

  2. Mom

    I think it was a Mom that invented all the Nerf toys.
    Possibly, a Mom that had been wacked a few times with “other” toys!
    Hugs to all the sweet Moms’…and kisses for their bruises!

  3. Jenna

    Wow! The things we go through, huh? I have never actually had blood drawn, but I can’t tell you how many times Myles has hit, kicked and jumped on me. I think it’s also us moms of boys who get it the worst! 🙂

  4. Tracy

    Hey I was thinking, if it’s the Dad’s that do all the playing rough etc and teach ’em to be bullies why are we moms the ones who always suffer the injuries!?

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