As we approach V’s first birthday, things are starting to get interesting. His little personality is developing at a jack-rabbit-like pace and he is making new discoveries every day. Sometimes it feels like every minute I spend with him he learns something new.

Example 1:

The other day I hopped out of my car and swung around the side to open his door and unbuckle him. I grabbed the door handle, plastered a super-happy face on (I love making him smile) and opened the passenger-side backseat door.

There he was with his finger up his nose, and the biggest grin on his face.¬† Oh my did I ever giggle. He looked so pleased with himself, I couldn’t help but exclaim “What did you find!!!!!”.

Example 2:

Bath-time is always a good time in our household and lately it’s been even more fun!. V has decided that he doesn’t want to sit down in the tub anymore. Just stand. The whole time. Maybe grab the shower curtain and shake it until the curtain hangers rattle in a pleasing manner. Or slowly walk around the tub, grabbing onto the wall. Anything but sitting down and playing nicely with Mummy.

Unless sitting means that his little fingers encounter those little parts between his legs. Those very stretchy parts that sometimes get pulled with such vigor that it makes me wince. Doesn’t seem to bother him at all though. This evening he squeezed and stretched with great delight. And with the most wonderful grin on his face the whole time he was doing it. “Hah! Heh! Eeee!” was what came out of his mouth the whole time this was going on. I just watched, amazed that things like this started this early.

Example 3:

And this is my favorite…. V has learned how to have a temper tantrum. Is it inheirit? Did he learn it at daycare? Who knows… But it is perhaps the funniest thing ever. And what is even funnier is that M and I find it so amusing, we don’t do anything about it.

Flat on the floor, kicking his legs, eyes clenched shut and face bright red, wailing away. How can you not laugh? And point? And laugh again?!

He did it again tonight after I said the magic word “baba” (which is baby for bottle in our house). That baba didn’t come into view fast enough, and there he was splayed out on the floor, limbs flailing all around, affronted wailing and red-faced. I put the bottle on the floor about 3 feet in front of him. It took him 2 stops ( to wail and thud his fists and feet on the carpet) before he made it over. And everything was golden once he had it in his hands.

Things are certainly getting interesting over here…..


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2 responses to “Temper

  1. Tracy

    Too cute. Jaxy also has temper tantrums, but his new cute tantrum is he’ll put his chin to his chest to try and really look pathetic. He can get that chin pretty close to his belly when he’s really looking for sympathy. And the bath thing. I agree how does that not hurt stretching it like that? Oh well, who needs bath toys right.

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