Posting (and Prince)


Saturday night, a thunderstorm is rolling in and I am on the couch (totally worn out, I might add)…. watching a crappy movie and drinking wine. My usual M.O. for the weekend. And much deserved I might add.

V and I were busy today.

We picked out party invitations (and tried on silly sunglasses at the party store). We went to Target and bought adorable baby girl things for a lovely friend who is expecting right around V’s birthday. She lives in Japan, so it was extra fun to put together…

V took a much needed nap. (I folded laundry and went back to Target)

We visited with Auntie, who just returned from Germany (via Cincinatti) this morning. Tata is home all summer and so V and I are looking forward to seeing lots of her (whether she likes it or not).

Gramma, V and I went and picked out V’s new car-seat at BabysRus. The research that went into choosing this seat was ridiculous.

I am determined that this seat will do triple-duty. I don’t want to buy anything else for him, seat-wise that is, and so I really wanted to make sure that this seat was the shizz.

And that it was in a decent price-range.

But also wasn’t a piece of crap.

And also didn’t look like a piece of crap (oh, and had a cup-holder!).

So finally settled on something within budget, looked nice, wasn’t piece of crap and HAD a cup-holder. And then went to the store to get it, was totally overwhelmed by everything else and had to call M and get him to check out online reviews for other things that caught our (M-I-L and I) eyes.

Ultimately it turned out that what I had researched was the best thing within our price-range and was in-stock.

Now while the product description on the Evenflo website does contain an abundance of exclamation marks….. just disregard. Also disregard the pretty make-up covered babies. Despite the punctuation and make-up, it is a great product.

I also picked out an outfit for his 1 year photos. This was also a hard decision. Especially since it will be hung in our hallway for years to come (just kidding!) it was a difficult decision. I solved it quickly when I came across Amy Coe’s cute clothes in BabysRus. I have bought them before and have a huge weakness for rock-themed boys clothing. HUGE. I am debating a faux hawk (hahahaha just kiddingagain! I certainly don’t want to be one of those parents).

Man, I am on fire tonight. ON FIRE. Or, just tired….. well, I know I am tired as I have been watching ‘Purple Rain’ for the last hour and am in-love with Prince again…

*although I am slightly weirded out by the fact that he rides a motorcycle like a horse. As in he was posting. Not something I expected Prince to do*

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