I really like long weekends.

Last weekend I was super jealous of my fellow Canadians and their long weekend. But Ha! I have one now! A lovely long weekend that will be filled with party planning…

V’s first birthday is quickly approaching, as is our upcoming trip to Canada and there are many things to plan. I MIGHT even have to make a list (and we all know how much I love those).

His first birthday is a big deal to me, clearly, since I have been thinking about it for months and mentally theme-planning for ages as well. Finally it’s been narrowed down (I don’t want to reveal any secrets…. but there might be souvenir cd’s) and I am off this weekend with my M-I-L to pick out decorations.

I have been thinking a lot about traveling with a little one.

V has just learned how to do this:

BAA!!!! BAAAAAAA!!!!! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

It comes in 3’s and is very loud, and I love imagining us on a plane while he demonstrates his new skill.

He showed it of this evening at Pubes (or Publix…. or however you call it), and charmed every single person he came across so perhaps that means that his screams will be charming during our flight? And everyone will find that adorable?

In my imagination this is what will happen during our flight from Orlando to Vancouver:

1) Board the plane

2) Sit in seats and do up seatbelts

3) V falls instantly asleep as we leave Orlando

4) We land in Vancouver and V wakes up, refreshed and cheerful after a pleasant sleep.

Ideally this is how it will work.

Let’s think about reality though….

1) Board plane

2) Get kicked in stomach by small pointy feet for 30 minutes. Trade with M for 30. He trades back after 10 minutes saying “Jame, I have to go to the bathroom”. He doesn’t return for 45 minutes.

3) V excersizes his lungs repeatedly for half the flight.

4) V fights sleep for the second half (this involves screaming usually)

5) Our seats are showered with Cheerios and sticky half-eaten raisins.

6) V’s juice bottle rolls down the aisle at least 3 times.

7) There are at least 3 poopy diapers (which I will rock-paper-scissors M for. For real.)

8) I find at least 5 raisins and 10 Cherrios down the front of my shirt the first itme I go to the bathroom.

9) I leave the raisins there.

10) M pretends to sleep

11) We watch repeated episodes of ‘Elmo’s World’ and our seatmate requests a new seat (and leaves humming “Lalala lalala…Elmo’s World!!!)

12) We land in Vancouver, bus it to the ferry terminal and walk back and forth across the ferry for… well, for hours…. at least until we dock. I hand V to my mother and fall instantly asleep.

It should be an interesting experience and I am trying to not overthink everything (hahahahahahaha!!!! Oh geez…. I AM hilarious!!).

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6 responses to “Sanity

  1. Mom

    Huh…sounds like fun!

  2. Christine

    Yes, I flew from NY to Fla, alone with Anna at age 4 1/2 months. SHe was pretty good but changing a diaper on the plane is not easy and juggling all of the stuff is even MORE NOT EASY…..but Good Luck…maybe the plane will lull him to sleep

  3. Shannon

    Don’t overthink this, haha I forgot who I was talking too!
    It will be great!! Don’t worry….yes I know if I could only take my own advice.:)

  4. Tracy

    Someone told me to give a little tylenol before take off. I forgot on the way down, and Jax screamed pretty much the whole flight (although he was around 6 months, don’t know if that’ll make a difference or not), and I remembered on the way back and he was fine. Also try to plan V’s bottle with take off. If he’s sucking it’ll his ears less and he’ll be busy. Don’t offer it too soon though……or it’ll be gone by the time you really need it. I tell ya the stewardess hated me on the way down and kept making comments under her breath that my friend behind us could hear about how bad a mom I was. It was a 2 hour flight and she freaked at me for not changing Jax. I did like minutes before we boarded and he was stone dry the whole freaking flight, he just didn’t like the flight. She was a peach. We had her the flight back too, lucky us, but baby was happy and she kept her freaking trap shut! Good luck.

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