Post-yoga thoughts…

Tonight I was feeling very contemplative tonight while I was twisting and sweating. And focused. As I was focusing on myself in the mirror I discovered something about myself… I learned something new about my own body while I was contorting, dripping, flexing and holding my position in the mirror.

I have really small forearms. Seriously short ones.

I am practically T-Rex.

Is that normal?

So off I went to Google to find out….

I either have a form of dwarfism… which I am pretty sure is not true.

Or  I am a teenage body-builder… this is a possibility… I might be either ‘Charliesaurus’ OR ‘teen_muscle3’.

OR I am actually a T-Rex.

Not sure. Must contemplate at next yoga class…..


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4 responses to “Yoga-a-go-go

  1. Nancy

    don’t we have body parts that match other body parts – so the circumference of our necks are the same measurement as our forearms or something like that. No wait the circumference of our fists are the same measurement as our feet….well its something like that…

  2. Mom

    The circumference of our necks x 2 = our waist size!
    Seriously, try it…fold the waist of your jeans in half, with the button done up…and it should just go around your neck.
    It’s great…you never have to try jeans on again before you buy them!!
    And yes Nancy…if you plug your nose and ears…you CAN breath through your eyes!

  3. Shannon

    HAHAHA!!! This cracked me up so much!

  4. toodlepoop

    Oh god. You all crack me up!!!! 🙂

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