Cream puffs and swimming


One of the greatest things ever about living in Florida is the pools. Everyone seems to have one, and my in-laws are no exception. They have a gorgeous pool in the backyard, enclosed of course….oh, and baby-proofed as well,  and it truly is the most luxurious place to relax on the weekend. Every time we go over there I feel like I am sneaking into a resort in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico just left that kind of mark on me, or its resorts did anyways).

M and I have been visiting the promised land every weekend recently, we just can’t stay away. Of course V has his own little Hawaiian board shorts for the pool, and a pool float as well. And his own towel…that has sharks on it (Pop-Pop picked it out).

The first time we took him into the water, he was a little apprehensive. He is already quite serious as a little boy, he watches and takes everything in and then makes his decision afterward. I can just tell that he is going to be the best study-buddy ever.

And since then, he has just taken to the water. It helps, I think, that it is darn hot down here right now. 90 degrees. In May. What the!?!

We have been hitting up Puerto Vallarta these last few weekends and are planning another one coming up. Pool floats, one more baby and a 5 year old, possible bbq-ing of things and beer.

V and his girlfriend will have another opportunity to ‘hook up’. I might have mentally planned his wedding… just a bit… S, you know how it is… must mentally jump ahead and gypsy the future.

Anyways, since that first time, V and the pool (and Daddy) are besties. Splashing is a must. As is standing on the steps and walking holding the edge of the pool. As is splashing (did I already say that?). He has so much fun in the pool and so does M, it has almost eclipsed jumping in the Jumparoo.

I am so focused on swimming lessons these days, as it really is the most important thing about living in a pool-filled society like down South. There are practically weekly pool-related deaths down here, usually because somebody doesn’t have a pool fence or someone ‘turned their back for a second’. The fact that it happens with such regularity is rather frightening and, of course, raises not only my concerns but also my swimming-lesson research-obsessedness to new heights of ridiculousness.

So am currently contemplating lessons in Celebration with Sharks and Minnows. Anyone out there used this particular swimming group? I liked the website, but have seen them advertising at intersections on homemade signs….. that could be a mark against them… hmmm…

Obviously I am also contemplating other swimming venues. Really, he just needs lessons and summer holidays for M are coming up and so I am thinking it’s going to be a Daddy and Me extravaganza.Which means he needs a new swimsuit, which means a shopping trip to Carter’s for me. It helps that there is a Beard Papa near Carter’s too… Beard Papa makes everything better 🙂


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3 responses to “Cream puffs and swimming

  1. Christine

    Anna is taking lessons now, at my gym. She LOVES it but I am terrified watching a stranger holding her life in their hands(literally). I watch, through a glass door (rules of the class) with absolute terror as the other waiting moms try to make conversation with me. I actually plan my running path…if she goes under, I will burst through the doors, run past the spa or swim past the spa if I need to and jump in to save her! Which is why she has a flouescent pink suit. Anyway besides that, at 3 1/2 I actually think she is young for lessons…she just likes to float and splash..she is kinda getting the idea of blowing bubbles but doesn’t really take the kicking seriously…who knows, maybe if she started earlier she’d be used to this by now but I see the older kids picking it up at a faster pace. But a mommy and me, or daddy and me class would be fun. Good luck!

  2. Tracy

    I saw a thing on tv about classes where they teach babies to roll over and float if they fall into the water. I don’t remember what it was called, but it’s a technique that teaches them if they fall in how to roll on their back so they can breath and wait to be saved. And it was little babies. Kida cool, kinda freaky.

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