Bikram, eh!

southern-blogJust back from another class, where I sweated my balls off (if I had balls, that is).

Essentially, it was awesome. I saw sweat drip off my body at a rate that I had never seen before. It was like heavy rain dripping off of the leaves on the plant by my front door. Like pearls falling off and hitting and bouncing on a dance-floor (as that is where all pearl necklaces get broken). It was non-stop.

I twisted my spine. I bend my back all over the place. I massaged my colon with my knee (I know you are thinking “She did what?!” And also “Gosh, she is so flexible!”).

I tasted colours.


Even Spandex-man was there, sadly in the same outfit as before. I was hoping for an Easter-themed spandex outfit. I am getting a little tired of the pale blue.

As much as I love yoga, I miss seeing V at all after work as I head from work pretty much right to class. And he is in bed by the time I get home.

M and I were chatting over dinner, and I was planning tomorrow evening and how I am going to hog little man. Keep him all to myself. Just soak up all that ‘Mummy-adoration’ and giggles.

“I think I’ll take him to the Park”, I said to M. Except I didn’t say ‘Park’.

I said ‘Perk’.

I also say ‘Caffeee’. Instead of ‘Coffee’.

And ‘soda’ instead of ‘pop’.

Oh, and ‘Ent’ instead of ‘Aunt’.

And of course ‘ma’am and sir’ to all the lovely ladies and gentlemen. Only the polite thing to say down here in the ‘Sauth‘. (To learn more about how to act like a proper Southern lady or gentleman, and also how to build a ‘Chicken Ark’ of your very own,  check out the above link)

I haven’t ventured into the ‘Honey-child’ or ‘sweetie’ quite yet. But I imagine that it’s on the way.

Hopefully a week in Canada this summer will sort this out right and proper. Bring back my crisp sounding letters. And my eh’s. Eh?


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5 responses to “Bikram, eh!

  1. Tracy

    I totally want a southern drawl, been using “y’all” for years.

  2. Lindsay

    Oh the wind-removing pose…that name always makes me giggle 🙂
    Good to hear the Yoga is treating you so well!

    I should also mention that as much as I love you dearly, and I mean dearly, I may deck you if you start calling me Honey-child or sweetie…


    • toodlepoop

      Oh the Bikram is sooooooo good. I swear it’s better than getting a massage. And I am in such a good mood for days after, its just ridiculous 🙂

  3. Jenna

    I love the new blog! I hope you’ll still visit me often on Blogspot, as I’m not quite ready to make a switch. Good for you for getting into yoga. I know it’s hard when you have a little one but trust me, it’s worth it to do something for yourself…makes it that much sweeter when you are on mommy duty! 🙂

  4. Christine

    Maybe you should spend some time on Long Island…now that’s a REAL accent

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