Poised on the edge of Jello about to become a huge part of my life, I thought I would introduce V to it

I decided I would make it for him the other night. Although ‘make’ is a funny word when it comes to Jello. More like ‘stir’ really. There is no ‘make’. I poured it into a mold and ‘made’
cute little star shapes out of it… (clearly it’s excessive quotes night in my house)

He could have cared less about the star shapes in his hurry to get it into his mouth. Or on his face. Or all over everything.

I thought it was pretty clever, on the other hand….. And pretty cute to see his little face smeared with jello and his expression as he tried to chew it.

As I sampled my ‘clever’ work this evening, I had total flashbacks to riding the ferries between Vancouver Island and the mainland. Or the Gulf Islands…

Mmmmmmm Ferry jello parfait…. Really, who doesn’t like a cup of Jello with a dollop of cool-whip on top. Or some mushy scrambled eggs. Which automatically makes me think of Shoot To Kill

Especially that part where they run through the ferry at the end. My sister and I always used to say they were making a break for the breakfast buffet…. Man, such an awful movie…

Sometimes I feel like I should just devote this blog to all of the awful movies that I have watched (of which there have been many). At least I would never run out of topics!

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