This really will be a short post, unlike my last so-called short post that was hugely long. I do excel at rambling though…..

Just some random thoughts…

Superman Returns is not a good movie. In fact it might be awful (I am watching the tail end of it right now…not good)

M makes homemade Tzatziki and it is awesome.

I held a coworker’s little teeny baby today and now have babies on the mind even though V isn’t even a year old. Man!

I sometimes call V ‘Chewie’, and the dog (who is actually Chewie) V, and now completely understand why my Mum used to call my sister and I by each other’s names.

I ran 4 miles yesterday, my personal best since giving birth, and am mentally planning my ‘comeback’ 5 k.

The idea of a ‘RoastBurger’ from Arby’s makes me want to heave….

We saw a sign for a Clown Museum on a recent drive and, even though I hate clowns (especially Mimes) I still kinda want to go.

I miss my sister an awful lot, and wish she lived in the States instead of Canada…. next-door to me if possible…

My Grandma’s health is really not the greatest at the moment and I pretty much think my Dad is going to call at any moment and give me ‘The bad news’…..sigh….

We are heading to Canada in about 10 weeks, and I still haven’t sorted out V’s passport. Or mine. Or M’s.

This week I am really really tired.

Excessive use of CGI annoys me to no end.

I can’t stand it when live animals in films have their mouths altered to look like they are speaking…. stupid, I know, but it makes me so angry!

I am totally addicted to Facebook, which is very sad.

I need to go to bed now. I have had enough of Superman Returns and my dog is snoozing on my feet, a clear sign I should be cuddling with him (oh, and M of course) in bed. Our new King-size bed I might add….. that I am going to crawl to as I am so very very very tired

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  1. Lindsay

    LOL! This post was a nice quick look into what’s going on with J today. I liked it! and I miss you too.

    *nagging* get on your passports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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