Red Hot

I had this random image come to mind of when I went to a Christian private school when I was little.
Now where I seriously got that tube of hot pink Wet N’Wild lipstick, I will never know. I wasn’t much for makeup when I was little. Fascinated by it, yes….. but any good at putting it on or really knowing what to do with it at all… not so much…

I remember putting on one coat and thinking it didn’t look that great. But…. having never really put lipstick on before, I wasn’t sure. So I put another layer on…… and then another….. and then one more. I swear there must have been about half a centimeter caked onto my lips. And then (and only then) I thought it looked pretty awesome. Please keep in mind the braces and glasses and way too short curly hair. Oh, and the awkwardness… keep that in mind too.

Flash forward about 10 years….

What a wonderful phase I went through in my last few years of high school. I made my own bell bottoms (with fabric scraps from my mum’s sewing basket). I wore army boots that I hand painted with flowers…. I believe I had a watch safety-pinned to one of those boots too. I always carried around a plastic butter knife.

I took my black eyeliner and used it to carefully outline my lips and then fill them in. I think this was pre-black lipstick. Or you could buy it, but only at Halloween…. I don’t quite remember why I decided to use eyeliner.

And then I had to take the bus. I was definitely wearing fishnets with my army boots. And some kind of gauzy, floaty dress with something I had hand tie-died over top…. Clearly my black lipstick was a little over-the-top for my small town’s commuters…

And flash forward another 10 years…

How I long for a good lipstick….. I am stuck in a Burt’s Bees rut (not that that is a bad place to be….. I just long for some bright red lips, or some warm raspberry lips). I am a little less brave than I used to be. Or more intimidated by the make-up counter than I should be. Or something like that…

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One response to “Red Hot

  1. Shannon

    I would REALLY like to see a picture of you from then.
    And what is with the butter knife?

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