M called me this evening, while I was out running a quick errand before dinner.

“How are you Honey?”

I feel a little suspicious sometimes when he calls me on the phone and is extra sweet. Probably as he hates talking on the phone, which can drive me nuts sometimes.

“Fine babes, what’s up??” I said guardedly as I tried to figure out why he was calling me when I had just seem him about 1 minute previously…

“Well, V just stood up by himself….. I thought you’d like to know!” he said cheerfully.

Oh my god… he did?!?! The details that followed explained things a little more clearly. He had crawled his way over to the coffee table, gotten up onto his knees and then used the table to stand up.

I drove home so fast, cursing the tater-tots that I had run out to buy. Why did we need tater-tots again? Why was I rushing out to buy them at 6:45? What is wrong with us????

As I rushed up the walk-way to our apartment’s front door I was imagining him toddling around the apartment and worried that I had missed everything. So I was pleased when I opened the door to find Daddy and V chillin’ on the floor playing with the musical table.

I went and got V a little cheesey puff and we tried to tempt him into standing up to get it….. but it only made him frustrated and screamy, so we gave up quickly…

Anyways, this combined with the fact that I found 2 more teeth (which makes 8 altogether), and that he will be 9 months old in approximately 36 hours makes me think that he’s in a hurry. A big hurry.

And I want him to slow down already and he’s not even a year old. Where did my little man go? Although as my good friend has pointed out on numerous occasions “Jaym, he’s never been a baby. He’s always looked like a little man.” So maybe he was just born in a hurry (although it certainly didn’t feel like it).

I eagerly look forward to every little new thing that motherhood will bring, but sometimes I long for the time that has passed. I feel like this as each new month approaches, and I get ready to do the next page in his baby book.

Oh my little man….

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  1. Jenna

    Aww, I know what you’re feeling (see my latest blog). Myles was a very early walker too (9.5 months) and it seemed he was in a hurry for everything (except the potty). One day you wonder where all the time went and how your baby became a real little man. Enjoy each moment!

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