Nag Champa Part 2 (aka how tired my brain is on friday nights)

Last night while I was googling images I came across this website, perhaps the fakest fake website I have ever seen. I was so impressed by it’s fakery that I had to share it with others…

Really I was looking for an interesting picture of Nag Champa incense, but instead found a site proclaiming the Nag Champa was an animal hovering on the very edge of extinction.

It’s an animal? Really? Or at least that’s what my tired little brain thought last night while I was sitting on the couch.

Man, I can’t wait to tell someone! Who would have thought all these years I was burning some kind of animal product?! Ewwww…

Wait…… wait a minute…. that’s just a mouse…… and hold on another second there, I am pretty sure that second photo is from Africa, or possibly Australia but definitely not from India. And I am pretty the 3rd picture is just random liver…

So this morning when I took another look at it, I had a huge giggle… Clearly it was a long week. My poor brain…. also my kudos to the silly people that made that site (probably the guys that run the head shop that it links to). Most impressive…

I also ran across this interesting blog referencing Nag Champa too….. check it out!

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