Nag Champa

Whole Foods smells like Canada, or at least that’s what I thought when I walked in there this afternoon.

I was working in Winter Park yesterday and today, and didn’t know that there was one right around the corner from my office. I just about caused an accident when I saw it on my way to Publix. Who wants to go to Publix when they can go to Whole Foods instead?!

I grabbed a basket and strolled the aisles looking at expensive olives, organic grainy things, fancy mustard, really smelly cheeses and other lovely things.

But what reminded me of Canada was walking into the Health Food section. I took a deep breath and exhaled more relaxed than I had been in a while. Somehow that combination of vitamins, incense and essential oils took me back to Johnson Street in downtown Victoria. And then over to Chinatown, where I mentally strolled down FanTan Alley and stopped at that lovely bakery on the other side of the alley and bought a few red bean buns. And then went for some peanut satay at Ferris’s Oyster Bar (since closed I believe). And then over to Market Square where I bought some mini donuts, looked at second-hand clothing and then went into BeadWorld.

I emerged 20 minutes later with a bunch of organic baby food, and a really expensive steel water bottle (which apparently I justified by the fact that I will never buy bottled water again now that I have this fancy water bottle…..right…..).

And a pear.

It was a really good pear.

Perhaps the best I have ever had.

M has already requested that I not be allowed to shop there by myself…..
And to be honest, I am not sure if I trust myself….. I mean really…. did I really need a $25 water bottle? No…… So did I deserved the small lecture I got yesterday about being a little more frugal? Probably….

My new water bottle is really sweet though…. AND I didn’t buy any water today

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  1. Mr. F. McNeil

    a twenty four dollar water bottle…Shirley Hu Jesyt

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