My mum was on my mind today, as she is most days. This is Mum circa 2003 in Kyoto with me…. best mini-vacation ever.

I find that I think about her more and more these days, maybe more since I became a mum myself.

More so since I have realized that I am way more like my mum than I ever thought.
I think this was mostly brought on by my recent obsession with V’s food. I can’t even explain what has come over me, but I feel like I am super obsessed with what goes in and out.

I now completely understand my childhood, when I think back to the funny things we ate. My mum was a firm believer in the health-food store, and my sister and I never ate sweets that came from anywhere else. God how I hated carob chips and yogurt-covered peanuts and raisins when I was young. Dried banana chips, home-made yogurt and other exciting things….

But now as I try to feed my son things that are delicious and healthy, I completely see where she was coming from.
Especially in an age where children seem to get stuck in chicken nugget and macaroni & cheese ruts. Something that I am sure that I can overcome. With my delicious homemade food that is!

So I was so disappointed when he didn’t like avocado. Seriously didn’t like it. And cried cried cried when I tried to feed him bite number 4. But, no problem, I thought it was delicious….. coulda used some salsa though…

I know my mum had my health at heart, and now I find myself in the same position and completely in agreement with her.

It’s times like this when I wish she was closer.

There really is nothing like having your mum around. Unfortunately with her being on the West Coast, it makes it rather hard.

I have all of these lovely memories of her from when I was little….

When she used to surprise me with a brand new Laura Ingalls Wilder book or Frank L. Baum book, just at the right moment.

When she would make me tea and toast when I wasn’t feeling well.

When I was sick,she bought me my darling Audrey Deana (oh my precious Cabbage Patch Preemie)

How she would always brush my hair just right.

How she would do sweet things like have ‘manicure night’ and do my nails, even though its something she doesn’t really like and I have had to force nail polish on her on more than one occasion…

How she has always known just exactly what I like….. in every situation…

And so I miss her.

We have our lovely weekly skype chats, and talk on the phone on the weekends. The 3 hour time difference is just a little tricky to navigate, especially when you have a little one and go to bed at a freakishly early time.

I wish she was closer…
love you Mum….


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3 responses to “Mum

  1. Pam and George

    What a sweet story…good thing I don’t wear makeup, as it would be smudging all over the place!
    Love you honey…

  2. Jenna

    That’s a sweet post. I’m lucky that my mom is about 90 min. away. Not too close, yet not too far. I agree with you though…we all become a lot more like our moms than we ever thought we would! 🙂

  3. Jenna

    Hi…sorry for the double post. I tagged you today in “The Working Mom Experience.” Check it out!

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