Orange soda

Today was a lovely day….

Not only did V sleep in until 7:20 (almost unheard of! It’s almost like being on vacation…), but I actually was out of the house sans husband and child. Out with a friend (who was also sans children and husband). And not only that, we went to the movies. AND we saw something completely frivolous and girly, something we never would have seen with either of our husbands.

“He’s Just Not That In To You” was really funny. We giggled non-stop. It could have also been a combination of the orange soda and buttery popcorn we were ingesting.
Orange soda might be my favorite thing ever. Mum and I used to get orange soda and a Twix bar when we would go to the movies together…. And I think about that every time I drink it at the movies…

Anyways, and then we did some window-shopping.

So pleasant…

M worked last night, and so tonight was our designated V-day date. He gave me a gift certificate for a massage, as apparently I need more relaxation in my life. Well, I KNEW that! But, when your partner points it out in a gentle manner, that’s when you know you need to take some more time for yourself.

But today, I feel plenty relaxed. Movie, shopping, chillin’ with my little man, red wine, delish-fondue, and the pleasant anticipation of a massage in the near future…

An hour later…..

Post fondue I feel even more relaxed. And a bit silly from the nice bottle of wine that M picked out to go with dinner… M took Chewie out for a walk and I cleaned up the kitchen.

Did you know that if you don’t stir your fondue enough, the cheese eventually balls up in the bottom of the pot? As I tried to pour the fondue into the garbage disposal, I noticed a huge clump on the bottom.


It was a taffy-like consistancy, and literally I picked it up like a huge wad of freshly chewed gum. And balled it up (it was the size of a baseball) and put it in the trash. I am sure some homeless person will be very happy to find that in our dumpster

We are now spending the rest of our Sunday on season 5 of The Wire. Tres enjoyable!


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2 responses to “Orange soda

  1. Jenna

    Hi! Your blog is great…thanks for checking out mine! Good to hear “He’s not that into you” is funny. I’m really looking forward to seeing it myself!

  2. Mr. F. McNeil

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm…dumpster cheese

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