Valentine’s Day and I am home alone.

Well, home with V who’s sleeping….. and with Chewie as well, who is also sleeping. M is at work tonight and we are ‘celebrating’ Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

I was thinking about V-day today, mostly when I was at Target this afternoon looking for a few things…

Target was a crazy gong-show, filled with people, mostly carrying bouquets, looking a little manic. Not that it was really any different from Target on any other day.

As I sit on the floor of my living-room while watching ‘Must Love Dogs’ (which I must admit has a reediculous amount of ads) I contemplate the shopping pressure that this day puts upon us all. I could feel the frantic energy radiating off of everyone, which I must admit effected me as well and I even succumbed slightly… I almost bought a set of popsicle molds that came with a Cosmopolitan mixer. In a heart-shaped box. But then I thought why?! And then I followed that up with “As if M would like this! Ha!”.

Although, I would like that. Cosmo-flavoured popsicles? Yes, I definitely would like that.
But it made me wonder why I need to wait until this particular day to spoil my sweetie, really I can do that any day…. I just need to remember to…
I have gone passed my imposed time-limit for rambling tonight, and must sign off so I can wrap up some sweet things for my sweet thing….

And then head off to bed with dreams of cheese fondue drifting through my head as I eagerly imagine tomorrow nights dinner….

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