Every week I send a packed bag over to Ginette’s with V, filled with clothes for the week, snacks, bibs…. all of those little things he needs for the week.

Ginette is the lovely lady who we send V to every day. She adores him, he adores her, its a mutual admiration society all around. Its a good thing.

Anyways…….I always tuck a little bag filled with teething rings and soothers into the duffel bag, and Ginette always puts the receipt for the week in that little bag. So today, when I went to take it out, I found something else in there.

A little heart-shaped lollipop and a couple of Dora Valentines from the other little girls that she looks after.

And they were all addressed to ‘Benson’

Benson?! Who is Benson?

Benson is apparently my son.

This made me giggle so much.

I love Ginette because she loves V. Frankly, we are lucky to have found such a wonderful, caring person to look after our little man. But, she says the oddest things to me sometimes…. Usually when I am dropping V off, she traps me at the door and has these very deep conversations with me.

One morning she told me that she had a doctor’s appointment coming up, and that it was for her ‘pop’. I had no idea what she was talking about, but then she started making gestures, gestures that I never need to see a woman make again, I figured out what she was talking about.

Not her ‘pop’, but her ‘pap’, as in her pap-smear…. Not sure why she needed to share with me… Or gesture like that…

Another morning she trapped me by the front door, telling me all about how Jesus saved her life.


For, oh, about 5 minutes. Now I know that that doesn’t sound like a long period of time….. but it is. Imagine 5 straight minutes of someone telling you how praying to Jesus saved their life. Just imagine….


After some particularly bad diaper rash, I started using a cream on Mr V’s little tush. I sent some over in the weekly bag for Ginette, and asked her to start using a little bit of it if she noticed any problems.

He came home that day with not only his whole entire bottom covered in cream, but his whole front too. And his front bits. Pretty much from the waist down he was covered in cream. About 1/4 inch thick or so. I wondered why . Why?!?! It took me forever to scrub it off of him. And it happened the next day, and the day after that…… and the day after that as well.

Each day I scrubbed a layer of cream off his bottom, and each day she put it right back on. This continued for about a week.

I am non-confrontational, I admit it…

Its hard to be confrontational when you explain things very very clearly, and then someone ignores you completely. Or maybe doesn’t understand you at all… I will not even get into that now…)

Oh, my poor son Benson….

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