I am looking around my bedroom at the clutter of my husband….

As hard as I have been trying for years to curb his messiness, clearly I am not doing a good job. His mountain of laundry in the corner of the bedroom attests to that. As do the stacks of cd’s that are scattered over pretty much every surface of the bedroom. As do the empty, slightly sticky cups that cover the desk….. and then there are those small pieces of paper that he deposits over everywhere (which the dog gleefully grabs and runs through the house with, only stopping when he is under large pieces of furniture so he can slowly and loudly rip them apart).

I do make an effort, I really do. But at some point it just gets a bit silly. I mean, I can only say the same thing so many times…. before I feel like I am repeating myself like some sort of robot (and a nagging robot at that).

So I am trying to be patient and hoping that he will take the hint, the hint that I am so cleverly inserting into this blog…. that big hint about cleaning and picking up after himself.

*nag nag nag nag*

He is busy.

I know….

But, I can only do so much….

Anyways, sometimes his absentminded messiness makes me laugh (usually after it annoys me it makes me laugh).

There was that time when he was changing his clothes and he left his shorts in our bathroom sink…. and then he witnessed them take flight as they flew past his head in annoyance (mine).

Or the time that I was looking for my work slacks, only to discover that he had absentmindedly left them on the computer chair (as he doesn’t know how to hang things up) and then sat on them for, oh, about 90 minutes while he ate breakfast and surfed the net pre-work. (And that might have happened this morning)….. M disagrees and says it was only at least 40 minutes

Or that time he used my toothbrush and then didn’t rinse it off and left it sitting, soaking wet in the toothbrush holder covered in mouth foam (so gross).

Or that time that he used my facecloth to rub down his head post-hair cut, leaving it covered in hair, and then hung it back up (without rinsing it off)….. only for me to discover when I went to wash my face later….

He is a little forgetful…

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