Domestic G

My whole entire house smells like cauliflower.

As I am sure you know, this is not the most pleasant of smells. Its kind of a cross between a dirty bathroom, and a full diaper-genie. Which, in retrospect, are kind of the same thing…

This lovely odor is the end result of me being all domestic and stuff and making my own baby food. 2 weeks ago, I made broccoli. And that first foray was really based on my mum telling me that it was something that I loved as a baby. And since its not something you can buy, I was interested in seeing what V though of it.

He loved it, which just motivated me to make more….

One of my good friends and I have been discussing making our own food recently. Actually, we have been discussing it to the death. Going over every little teeny tiny detail of the process. I even went and bought a book.

Sadly, every recipe says the same thing…. “Chop finely and steam for 10 minutes, then puree…” And thats how you make baby food. I am so glad I spent $20 on that book.

It is terribly satisfying though. I feel domestic like I have never felt before. I might even go and buy an apron!

So 2 nights ago, it was sweet potatoes, and tonight I made cauliflower and cheese. I freeze it all in ice cube trays, so its in easy little portions (somebody elses clever idea). I haven’t had a chance to feed him any of these latest creations, but he will eat them soon…. I am already thinking about what will be next…

M thinks I am being too adventurous with the food, but I just don’t want it to be boring. I have this dream that V will have as an adventurous palate as we do.

Although, thinking back to life pre-M, I remember when I thought that Mexican food was too spicey. When M and I lived in Japan, he used to cook some hawt things and that is where I think I learned to appreciate those more risque flavors. And probably living in Japan expanded my tastebuds as well.

I was placed in so many situations where I just had to eat things. I remember one time where I was invited to one of my students housewarming parties with my boss. I didn’t realize that the woman whose house I was invited to was quite high up in the company. And that all of the other guests would be very rich businessmen that she worked with. And that her brother was a very well-known sushi chef who busted the bank preparing a divine meal for her most beautiful new house.

I was introduced to sea urchin (something which still makes me think of damp sponge when I think back) and chicken cartilage (which makes my teeth flinch and my tongue spasm in memory).

Later meals with different students put me in close proximity with things like spicey fish guts and fried crickets…. (neither of which I ate….. strategic exit to bathroom each time, leaving M with a clear path for both).

Bascially what I am saying is that I would like little V to grow up with an adventurous appetite, something I hope to encourage with delicious things that I have made myself…

Clearly I am on my way to being a total Domestic Goddess ( capital letters all around).

I probably need to go out and buy that apron…… and maybe a hat…

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One response to “Domestic G

  1. Tamsin

    ha ha I can actually smell the cauliflower! yeck on the one hand but oh so sweet on the other hand. I always thought you were a good cook and I know V will benefit from your healthy creations!
    Its funny cause I almost bought you an apron and sent it down…there are some dang funny ones in this cute shop…sooo maybe you should wait a few months, like till after July?!!
    talk soon

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