Big pants

Today was a long day.

M has a new internet class that he’s taking that is apparently way more demanding than the last class was. It means that he spends all day Saturday closeted away in the bedroom on the desk-top, typing away.

So Saturday is my ‘single-parent’ day.

This morning, it started at 5 am. V, clearly, has not learned that the weekends are sacred and he should sleep until at least 7 am. No worries…. as soon as he can understand I will be sure to teach him about how sacred Saturdays are.

He’s so jolly when he’s up in the morning, its almost ridiculous. Even though its 5 am, its hard to be ‘unjolly’ in return. So its a very happy start to the day for both of us. And I am sure for Daddy as well (since he is usually still sleeping).

I took him out shopping with me, as his little plump bum needs bigger pants. For some reason, I find it hard when I am out alone to bother with the stroller. So I end up carrying him with me. It’s a thin excuse for me to get my hands on his little body, something I don’t get to do enough of during the week. I end up with one very sore arm, as he is a heavy little man…

He is so obsessed with not lying on his back, that even changing his diaper has become a Herculean task. It’s like trying to pin 4 octopuses down with 2 hands, legs and arms wiggling everywhere. Oh, and some screaming as well….. awesome….

He just wants to flip over onto his tummy, and no amount of whistling, toy-shaking, singing, tickling, raspberry-blowing or other distracting measures worked today. And this is hard when there is a poopy bum involved.

Every diaper change today ended up with me covered in a fairly heavy sheen of sweat. It’s like a total body work-out to wrestle your child to the table and tape a diaper onto their little bum.

So, thankfully, today he was tired…. probably from being up so early….. and he went to bed early. And so I am going to bed early….

Looking forward to Sunday…. I am going to make M change every single dirty diaper, while I lounge on the sofa and eat grapes…

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  1. Lindsay

    I miss you. I wish I could come visit. I would happily help change dirty diapers. 🙂

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