My husband is a sexy beast…..

Really, its true. He just asked me if I was going to be writing about him tonight, to which I replied “Of course! You are my favorite topic!”.

He can build a mean-ass sandwich. Looking at the sandwich he just made, actually, and comparing it to the one I made for myself I feel very inadequate. I have sandwich envy…. His looks like something that came from TooJay’s deli (a lovely NY-style deli down in FL)…

He once told me that he fed V something ‘tan’ for dinner, which annoyed me to no end. Tan?!? What the heck??? Like 60% of baby food is tan…. Now, however, when I think about it, it makes me laugh….

He makes me laugh endlessly…

He constantly feeds the dog strange things like lettuce, wasabi, pretzels, Grand Marnier…. even though I constantly tell him not to, he does anyways…

He never remembers to cut his hair. And his hair grows in a huge ‘poof’ when it gets too long. It doesn’t grow down, it grows up.

He always wins when he argues with me, which annoys me to no end. I usually forget what the whole point of the argument is about half-way though…. He does not. In fact, he remembers everything AND asks for examples too…..

He bought me 30 presents for my 30th birthday, which was the sweetest thing ever.

He works his ass off for his family.

He is the best teacher. I think that he was maybe born to be one. He works in a school that is in what could only be described as the ghetto. He’s tough and fair, and buys books for students that can’t. And I admire the hell out of him for teaching where he does….

We have never had a serious fight. Probably because I lose every fight (although I am never wrong…… how does that work, you ask? No idea……. but it does). I repeat, I am never wrong but I lose every argument we have…. M is a skilled negotiator. Again, so annoying…

Soul mate…… silly word, but I feel the truth in it. The choices we each made led us to each other. And I think its amazing that we fell in love in Japan, actually got married and now live in bliss (if slightly sleep deprived) in Florida.

He makes super inappropriate jokes, which make me giggle (inappropriately of course)

Apparently this is a never ending list….

We argue endlessly about the most ridiculous things.

And here’s a secret…. I love arguing with him.
Well, really I just love him…


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2 responses to “Mmmmmm

  1. Mr. F. McNeil

    He sounds like a very lucky guy…and a fun one as well

  2. Jaime

    He is lucky…. and fun 🙂

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