Super Stealth!

I had one of those Mummy-moments this past weekend…

I had wee V in my arms and was sitting him up on his changing table. He’s very excited about sitting up these days, and slams his arms up and down violently in pure joy. While he was doing this (and reaching for the venetian blinds at the same time) my heart became overwhelmed.

And I started to cry. Just a little bit….

I love my husband very much, but what I feel for my son is something completely different.

Its this crazy all encompassing, totally consuming, so ridiculous, breathtaking, overwhelming unbelievable love.

It sneaks up on you sometimes and takes you by surprise.

It’s like a super-stealth ninja…

It creeps along the rooftop and attacks you when you are least expecting it.

Really parenthood is amazing at times, it opens you up to things you maybe never thought you would experience. Such deeper emotions, feelings I feel but haven’t felt to this depth…
It’s pretty freakin’ cool…

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