I am on a TLC mini-marathon right now, just finished “17 and Counting” and am now moving on to “Jon and Kate Plus 8”.
8 children is a lot. 17 kids is just plain silly, but my mind is just boggled by the fact that the mum is pregnant with number 18. I am not sure that I would want my lady bits repeatedly stretched out for, like, 20 years. Actually I am sure that I wouldn’t. Ever.

I am currently considering baby number 2. Not for now, just planning for the future as I like to do. I am looking around 2010 or 2011 or so. I’ve already picked names (Mike just shakes his head every time I bring the subject up).

I am pretty sure 2 is my limit, kid wise… so watching these shows, especially the one with the 17 children, I have such a hard time imagining when Mum gets to sit down. As I barely sit down now with 1, then 17? I can’t imagine.

V is currently recovering from a nasty cold. His first, I might add. And my first experience with kid-cold. V thoughtfully shared his cold with both M and I (such a good boy, sharing already!), and we were brutalized by it. I swear it knocked us both down worse than anything else. Not that I got to sit down when I got knocked down either. It basicially was a “go to bed at 8 pm thing”

Also my first proper experience with a nasal aspirator, oh and also with copious amounts of mucus. Hurray! Plus, of course, some projectile vomiting on top of all of that. So really, it was such a pleasant week.

M and I were so worn out by Wednesday that we embarked on my favorite thing ever, needless bickering brought on by exhaustion! Awesome!

And are still worn out today. Hopefully we will be on the full road to recovery tomorrow…

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