Friday night tea party

Its friday night, and my glass of wine and I are watching some crappy movie on telly. As per usual.

And as per usual, I am enjoying the movie.

And it IS crappy. The Mummy Returns. Why?! He didn’t need to come back. It doesn’t get any better the second time. Brendan Fraser’s hair just gets a little thinner and more hair-plugish looking. Remember when he was in Encino Man and everyone thought he was so hot (or maybe that was just me……..). Ahhhh, the 90’s…….. awesome….

Things I remember from the 90’s….. (a la Facebook’s 25 things list)

  • I made my own bellbottoms using material from my Mum’s scrap bin
  • I tried to learn Danish, but all I remember is “I have to pee”
  • Bell Biv Devo was awesome
  • I used to drink that sweet pink wine (I think it was called Mateus?) Paint varnish!!
  • I ordered a pig heart from the deli I worked at to use in a Halloween Horror house I helped with
  • I moved in with Talia, best room-mate ever!! (except of the parts when she didn’t clean…..)
  • I listened to a lot of Peter Tosh and Bob Marley
  • Mum hid my Peter Tosh cd behind the cd case as it had pictures of pot plants on it and she didn’t want Granny to see (or thats what she said anyways)
  • I had (at different times) purple, fushia and jet black hair
  • Some lady in a hair salon pierced my belly button with an ear-piercing gun and charged me $40
  • I watched The Shining for the first time, and then had to walk home from the theatre in the dark, alone, down an un-lit street…. creepy…
  • I met some guy who’s name was actually ‘Coyne’ and he grew a lot of weed, and had dreadlocks. And I met him in the ferry line-up.
  • I tried to dreadlock part of my hair, but it just looked like a hairball, and so I cut it off…
  • I learned how to fillet a whole fish.
  • I also learned how to completely debone a chicken
  • I actually made a booty-call
  • Popular colours for living room decor were dark green and burgundy (I know, as I made my own cushions)
  • Star Trek was really popular
  • So was Pearl Jam
  • I met one of my best friends then, and she still is….

I am sure that there are other wonderful things about the 90’s that I can’t remember right now. Perhaps you can? Feel free to post coments re: the 90’s to this post

And Happy February!!!

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One response to “Friday night tea party

  1. Tamsin

    OK this was freaking funny J, I was nodding along to almost all of them, my dreadlock experience was more by default though and it too ended up on the chopping block…ok next time we talk I need to know about the booty call one as I am sure I was around during these times!
    I remember the sweet wine, I think we had some (ok lots) at your mums house one night while you were back visiting from Japan! love it…great reading so far 🙂

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