Early morning fun…

Sunday night…. I wish it was still Friday night, the longest possible time before more work. Wee V has a cold and I did not have a good Saturday night.

I think he woke up at 3:45 and just wouldn’t go back to sleep, poor darling. M has V’s cold too and was working late, so I opted for some cuddling on the sofa with V, in the hopes that he’d go back to sleep, which would in turn allow for some sleep time for M.

Which he did.

However, I never sleep well when I cuddle with him. I am hyper-aware of everything and so just doze lightly. He, on the other hand, slept like a log. And to be honest, I enjoyed every second of his little cosy warm body next to mine. He woke again at 5 am and I could hear his tummy gurgling, so I knew he was hungry. I made him a bottle, which he chugged back like M used to slam beers at Amigos (back in the day). I lifted him up to my shoulder for a burp, which he politely did. It really was the politest of burps. So very little and almost dainty! I was surprised!

However, that surprize quickly turned to horror with what followed……

And what followed was a huge burp-slash-projectile vomit all over my face and down my neck, completely soaking my pj’s and dripping onto my feet. I just stood there in complete shock.

I mean, it was 5 am, M was asleep and so was the dog (thank god! As had he been awake he would have been all over that vomit, probably rolling in it and licking it up. Really, he is discusting!). And V was grinning, as clearly he was feeling better…..

I know everyone’s favorite topic is vomit, and lets be honest, I have tons of stories. I am sure you are all so excited to read about my lovely morning experience.

We got cleaned up and hit the sofa again. He got some sleep, and I didn’t.

And so today, I am really tired.

But thats ok. Its my job. And a job I love….. A job that seems to involve more and more vomit with each day that passes.

Stay tuned for further exciting adventures of Mummy and V!

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