Part 2

We took V to the park today, which was so much fun. Plunking his little tush in those safety swings and letting him sway back and forth was pretty much the most fun that I have had all week. He loved it, as he loves everything to do with being outside. Florida in the winter is the best time of year. Even on a day that is forecasted as being very cold, its still nowhere near what proper cold is. Speaking from a Canadian point of view, that is…..

So pretty much it’s just light jacket weather (West Coast light jacket weather).

So my little peanut is allergic to peanuts….. Possibly induced by me eating a lot (and I mean a lot) of peanut m&m’s while I was breastfeeding. Although, it might not be my fault… But I also ate a fair amount of toast and apparently he has a sensitivity to wheat. Whether that is my fault too, I don’t know. I only breastfed him for about 7 weeks (as mat leave in the States is down right awful and I had to go back to work when he was about 10 weeks old). Apparently you can make your children more suceptible to certain allergies if you eat an excessive amount of such things while you are breastfeeding. Things like peanuts and eggs, and apparently wheat… *sigh*

Who knew that 7 weeks could have such a huge effect? Expecially considering I wasn’t exclusively breastfeeding him…. My poor boo. Although he is perfectly healthy…. with the exception of the eczema, which we are still in the process of solving. And changing formulas again and possibly starting some allergy medication. And hoping and crossing our fingers that this will solve it and we won’t have to take the next step and move on to specialists…

However, it is just enough that he is a gorgeous, good-natured, giggley, adorable little boy that M and I totally adore. And really, that is enough and we are blessed….

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One response to “Part 2

  1. Lindsay

    aww poor V booboo. allergies suck! don't beat yourself up about it too much – he is at the age where these things begin to rear their ugly heads. it could easily be a phase he grows out of. also, i can't believe that after 7 weeks you managed to eat enough peanut m&m's to cause him an allergy!
    speaking of peanut m&m's – i also *heart* them. they are sooo much better than the regular ones.
    i could probably lay off the coffee too. it would be smart…BOOOOOO to smart!
    glad you posted – i was hoping you would.
    love you.

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