Part 1

I had so many good ideas for writing this week but, come Friday, they all seem to disappear. I am left with faint shadows of things I planned to write about, the haziest of memories… like a Polaroid picture half way through developing.

Now probably this is all brought on by a lovely combination of lack of sleep-slash my now total lack of all things caffeinated-slash Life with a capital ‘L’.

I think about caffeine a lot. I think I might miss it. But, I think it was best that we part as we did. Caffeine plus anxiety plus lack of sleep is not a good combination.

The only thing that is really sticking clearly in my head is this guy in the waiting-room of the doctor’s office where I work. He clearly was a Florida guy, if you know what I mean. And if you don’t, then I will elaborate by saying ‘redneck’. Or maybe ‘Florida cracker’ is a better term…. did you know that was even an expression? Well, it is! It’s the same thing really…. just with a little bit more ‘South’ thrown in…..

Why does he stick in there? Well…….

Full on denim, and not the good kind. The kind that is extra BLUE blue. Dirty denim jeans and a dirty denim vest and no shirt. He was tall and lean, and might have even been wearing a denim hat as well. And old. He had a hairy naked belly spilling over his super blue denim jeans, and tons of curly white chest hair. And a few gold medallions mixed into that hair. And really greasy hair peeking out of the lovely denim cap he was wearing. AND he smelled like beer and cigarettes. And apparently this is how he came to his doctor’s appointment.

I got a few good peeks at him, before I rounded a corner and ran into my girlfriend who gave me ‘the look’, which meant that she too had seen it. We both stifled giggles and ducked around a corner where we pantomimed him and his peacock-like attitude. So entertaining.

The other person that sticks in my mind from this week either falls into the category of ‘cracker’ or ‘crazy’. Or maybe a combo of both…

She had the most beautiful sweater on. It had about 9 pictures of what clearly were her cats, with a caption that said “I *heart* cats”. No kidding! You do?! She spoke to the girls at the front counter for about 15 minutes about pretty much nothing that made any sense at all. And then left.

The only other thing that really sticks out was what came in the mail yesterday. M returned from the post-box with a large package which he tossed in front of me with a grin. I opened it, and to my delight discovered my very own Giants Jersey! I had complained briefly to M about my lack of a jersey. Even V has his own and he’s only been part of our family for 7 months! Geez!
Anyways, it arrived just after the Giants were knocked out of the playoffs….bummer…. but still…. my very own jersey….

Today’s big deal was taking V back to the pediatrician to find out the results of his allergy testing…. results I will reveal in tomorrows post as I am so tired that I am off to bed!

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