As I sit here on the couch watching this reeeeediculous movie (Practical Magic….god it’s so awful), I wonder why I am not in bed.
It was M’s first week back at work, and V’s first week back at Ginette’s. And oh was Ginette ever happy to see him back again. Its a mutual admiration society between the two of them, which is great as far as I am concerned. And she is just as concerned about his health as I am and pretty much dotes on him like he was her on grandson, which really puts my heart as ease.

Anyways, everyday this week seemed to have some sort of vomit related incident attached to it.

If it wasn’t on him, then it was all over the crib, or the changing table. Or ‘surprise!’ all over me and him! And usually just as we were walking out the door. Kind of like I would put on my jacket, grab my purse, pick up V, walk towards the front door with the dog clamped firmly to my pant-leg, get covered in spit-up and turn around and backtrack every single step (with the dog still attached to my pant leg).

Again, just an aside, but man this movie is awful….. why am I still watching it I have no idea. I think I have an addiction to bad movies. The more poorly acted and written the better. In this particular case, I know I have even read the book, ages ago when I used to work in a used bookstore and read all sorts of really awful books all the time.

Today was also a vomit filled day. My duvet cover is currently being cleaned. That’s what I get for not putting a bib on Mr V and letting him sit up and play on my bed. Silly me!!

Well, I am off to cart this tired body to bed as I have definitely had enough of this movie. Plus, lets face it, I always can use the sleep…

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