I have approximately 7 minutes……. That is precisely how long my delicious orange-vanilla Genoise cake has left to cook in the oven.

I am being adventurous this year and am making a french recipe for Buchede-Noel that I found online and am really hoping that it will be delicious and look exactly like it does in the picture (complete with meringue mushrooms….. which I might even attempt…). V is down for a nap which is how I have time to try this out. M is out doing his Xmas shopping. Without fail every year he does the majority of it on Christmas Eve and complains to me that he can’t believe how busy it is (!!!!!!).

The house is clean, the tree is lit and I am watching a James Bond marathon on telly in my pj’s feeling very relaxed…

(3 minutes!)

Quick observation on parenthood related to incidents that M and I just had recently..

In M’s case, the other day he was playing with V, when he threw-up directly on his face….. some of which got precariously close to his mouth. M nonchalantly wiped it off and continued with what he was doing. He confessed to me later that he was really surprised by his reaction….. I think he thought he was going to be more grossed out that he was…

(Timer! Be right back)
Holy dear god does that cake ever smell good………

Anyways, my incident happened this morning as I was getting ready to give wee V a bottle. He was starting to get fussy, which is generally what happens when he is getting tired and it was getting close to his morning nap time.

I picked him up out of his high-chair, where he was playing with a sippy-cup (in my hopes that he would figure out that there is juice in there and start drinking from it even though I gave it to him for the first time about 3 hours ago….but I digress). I was holding him facing towards me and I lifted him up over my head to give his pants a sniff (as this is what us parents do) and he apparently didn’t like this move as he threw up right on the top of my head. RIGHT ON THE TOP OF MY HEAD.

I started laughing hysterically (something which I apparently do a little more often than I did pre-parenthood), which made V smile and giggle…. in the meantime baby-puke is slowly dripping down my scalp on to my neck, and the spit-up that managed somehow to miss the top of my head and hit the floor is being diligently cleaned up by our chihuahua.

Please try to imagine that scene:
Me, covered head to toe (literally too!) in baby-puke, laughing uncontrollably in my living room, with V grinning at me, while our dog frantically licks the carpet surrounding my feet….

Well, what do you do?? I gave V a bottle and then put him down for his nap…… then took a shower, washed the puke out of my hair and decided to bake this darn cake!

It really is amazing how things change with a child. Probably in the past this would have grossed me right out, but now I could care less and in fact ignore it. In the grand scheme of things its just really not that important. Besides, I love my little man too much to even be bothered by him throwing up on me!


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2 responses to “Eve…

  1. maziemoomoo

    How the hell did you laugh, then proceed to feed him his bottle before showering? I’ve had 3 professional spituppers and am still not to that tollerence!! Maybe with pee but not barf. Big barf on me leads to yells for help or if I’m alone putting baby down and running to get it off, get it off as if it’s burning my skin. I should be accustomed after 3 totally spit uppy babies but something about that warm, curdled, smelly stuff sends me a gagging. Quin use to always hit us with pee and poop. When he was a newborn if that diaper was off he’d spray you. Initially it surprised us as new parents then we learned you cover the peeper with a cloth, well Quinny bear could blow a wash cloth right off with his sheer force and so we moved onto a receiving blanket. Then he got me with poop one day!! He always sprayed poop on the wall (the other two, never sprayed poop, ever, so I suppose this was a great talent of Quin’s man did he have distance!) but one day I suppose I was paying a little less attention and he got my hair. Well I slapped diaper on that boy quick and threw him in his crib and jumped in the shower so fast to scrub, scrub, scrub. When I called my mom crying she said “at least it didn’t go in your mouth” yeah, that helped! I proceeded to cut my hair off, all the way to a short boy cut. Pee in the face was an occational occurance but less frantic. Puke however, I have not overcome to this day. And Quin is still proud he pooped in my hair!

  2. Jaime

    I really had no choice…. I was home alone, so just had to! Luckily I have not had any bad experiences with things out of the other end those! How you manage……yikes!

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