Strawberries suck

I just finished wrapping some silly gifts for M and wee V and am pretty sure that I will be hitting the hay in a few minutes….
I think I have solved the mystery of wee V’s allergy problem. I fed V applesauce with strawberries again today and about 2 hours later I noticed that his feet were red. I didn’t think that much of it until I went to change him and got a better look at them. They looked a little swollen and puffy and had little raised bumps on them. And when I sat him up on the changing table I noticed that he had a red rash on his lower back with some little welts on it. I called Dr E and she agreed with me that it sounded like he was having a reaction to the strawberries.
I mean, we had just started a new formula today, but its soy and so pretty much guaranteed to not be a problem since its designed for the sensitive tummy. And the sauce was the only other thing it could have been. So off I went to get some benadryl….. my poor boo….

That benadryl sure made him sleepy though and right after he had his bedtime bottle he fell asleep in my arms. And has been sleeping ever since. I think I have checked on him oh, about six million times…… I have to wake him up at 11:30 to give him another does and then one more in the morning and hopefully we should be good.

I hope that this is the answer. It would make sense if that was all it was though…. what with my sensitive stomach and my reactions to things like that. Clearly he takes after me in that respect. So no Strawberries!

Funnily enough I really thought it would be the least harmless of the stage 2 foods. Especially since my other choices were things like guava and mango (fruit choices I mean), I really felt confident that apples and strawberries would be a safe choice. Now that I think about it more though I remember some movie where someone put a bag of moldy strawberries under someone elses pillow and it totally made their face all puffy and swollen and awful. Much like (now that I think about it more) V’s face looked like the other time he ate it.

Clearly I should try and remember more random movie trivia and apply it to my life…

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