Once again its the end of another week, and once again I am exhausted and on the sofa with a lovely glass of Merlot….
Darling V had his 6 month checkup and is a perfectly happy healthy little guy. With the exception of some sort of allergy. Yup! That’s right, all that wondering and worrying and such a simple answer. What exactly he’s allergic to is another story…. As the answer could really be anything, Dr E urged us to start with simple things like detergent and formula, so we are making the switch to soy (as we have already made the switch with the detergent, which is nice as M now smells even better all the time now!). I am really hoping that one or the other will be the answer before we get into the down-and-dirty with the food elimination.

So the week was off to a rather rough start, what with the doctor’s appointment. And then the computer crash….. so disappointing! And literally it happened minutes after M transferred about 450 pictures from our camera card to the desktop. And didn’t save them to disc, as it was late at night. Which contained some lovely pictures that M had taken of V and I at a local park. It was the first time we had actually sat him in the grass and let him check things out. The grassy areas around our apartment are heavily ummmmmm ‘decorated’ by our neighbourhood animals, I shudder to even think about letting him play there.

Anyways…… where was I going with all of this…. oh yes, there also was the incident of me dumping a large Toasted Almond coffee all over my new handbag, which made it smell rather unpleasantly of wet leather and coffee for a few days.

It all culminated this morning….

I have this routine every morning.

I usually:
1: Take V out to car, buckle him up, give his little face kisses (from me and his puppy-dog who lives in our car)
2: Drive to Dunkin’ Donuts, get large large large coffee to go
3: Drive to Ginette’s and drop off V (more kisses to his little sweet face)
4: Drive to work

This morning I:
1: Took V out to car, buckled him up, gave his little face kisses (from me and his puppy-dog who lives in our car)
2: Drove to Dunkin’ Donuts, got large Toasted Almond coffee to go
3: Drove to work

Do you see the step I am missing there??

I got about oh, half-way to work when I heard a little rattle in the back-seat. V was being very very very quiet, he may have dozed off even! As soon as I realized he was back there I just started laughing….. not completely hysterically, but perhaps close. Perhaps if I had had a little more coffee this would have been avoided. I pulled a u-turn at the Marriot and headed back into Hunters Creek, back to Ginette’s to drop off darling boy-o.
One of my girlfriends had told me that she lives in fear of this happening to her, and I was all like “Right. How could that ever happen! That would never happen to either of us! We are two together, highly organized people….”

But wait! I am forgetting one important factor! Sleep!! The sleep that I don’t get! The sleep that my darling friend also doesn’t get has her little one is 3 weeks younger than V! So much for the two of us collaborating in thought. Two sleep deprived minds don’t make a right.

I called M to laugh at my mistake and he said “Oh, I am totally telling my Mum” while he laughed along with me. His Mum who gave me ‘a look’ when I brought it up at their house this evening (their house, which I might add which was at least 6 million degrees hotter than the outside even though its winter in Florida). Who then started to talk about how that is something that happens all the time and that I should really be more careful, or something to that effect….. I wasn’t listening as I was sweating so much from the lack of air-conditioning-slash-any air movement at all in their house. Seriously!

Anyways, I couldn’t believe I had forgotten about him. And I really wished I could have taken him to work with me too. I am sure he would have been very helpful. He does help me carry my keys to the car…


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3 responses to “*Sigh*

  1. Lindsay

    so cute! i can’t believe you forgot to drop him off – but i’m sure it happens to many sleep lacking mums. i bet v. was excited about spending the morning “driving” with mummy!
    too bad it was such a silly week…how annoying about the handbag.

  2. maziemoomoo

    Not to freak you out or anything but a lady did the same thing but didn’t ever realize she had the baby in the car until a co-worker came running in to tell her – at the end of the work day! Her child had died of heat stroke during the day from being left in the car with the windows up in the summer heat. The child had fallen asleep and the mother forgot about dropping them off as it was usually the father who did it.

  3. Jaime

    Well, trust me, it will never ever happen again. I am super hyper aware of it and probably will be forever now!

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