Anti fuzz…

The fuzzy sheets are gone….

I think its punishment from God for buying them at Ross.

What I am trying to say is that my son has sensitive skin, something we have been battling for a while. His face had been looking a little rough, the result of repeated scratching of his face. I religiously cut his nails and file them, so they won’t cut his little sweet face. I call it ‘manicure time’, which M hates, which is probably why I continue to call it that =] I love teasing my husband. Anyways, nails are trimmed and his face is always slathered with Eucerin and washed daily.

He’s had repeated dry spots on his cheeks, which are aggravated by the scratching. It seems to come and go. Recently it had gone (which we were so happy about), but now it’s returned with a vengeance. Like it has a vendetta or something. Its just plain awful. And there are 2 little puffy spots under his eyes, and that is what got me thinking that its more than just scratching this time.

So I tried to think of what I had changed recently in his little world that could possibly cause this….

* Same formula–check!
* Same clothing, all cotton– check!
* Same detergent (Dreft, such a funny name)–check!
* Same ‘sensitive skin’ body wash (by Dove)–check!
* Same baby cereal/baby food–check!
* Same sheets on crib mattress–che…..hey, wait a minute!

I put non-cotton sheets on his mattress, and now that he sleeps on his tummy, he rubs his little face on the sheets as he’s settling down for the night. Hmmm….. could this be the problem?

So I ripped them off and put the regular ones back on. And before I put him to bed I washed his little face and slathered it with Eucerin and Aquaphor and am really hoping that I will see some improvement in the morning.

I moved V up to stage 2 food, which is a little thicker and comes in a few more exciting flavours and combos. So I thought that I would try something new for him and got him an applesauce/strawberry combo, which I though sounded rather yummy.

Which actually was rather yummy. I was curious as to what it tasted like! I have tried most of the jarred food he has eaten so far, and banana is my current favorite. I offered M a taste, and he refused. Flat out. No way. I think his exact words were something like “My dad said I didn’t have to try it”, which made me laugh sooooo much. Oh my gorgeous husband is so ridiculous sometimes (really all the time).

Anyways, for some reason, what with V’s red raw little face in the forefront of my mind, I kept thinking about my childhood obsession with strawberries. My mum has told me repeatedly about how she has (ha! bad grammer, but it stays…..she doesn’t limit my strawberry intake anymore) to limit how many I ate. I could eat 6, but if I ate more that that, I would be sick. I usually would sneak a few more. And then be sick.

And as I was feeding him applesauce with strawberries this morning for the second time, I wondered to myself if, since he looks so much like M if that would mean that he would take after me in some respects. Like with strawberries…..

Anyways, tonight is night 1 post-fuzzy sheets, and I hope hope hope darling V’s wee face looks better tomorrow! I’ll keep you updated…

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