Fuzzy Sheets

I finally have come to the realization that my little boy is growing up.

Just last week he rolled over for the first time, and ever since then he is a rolling mad man. M and I are not prepared for this! We had become very comfortable with putting him down somewhere and having him stay there (bouncy seat, bumbo jungle mat etc). We would move him around the house to various spots and do our work around him (laundry, dusting, grading papers….). We are having a hard time adjusting to the idea that he is mobile (partially anyways) and really are at a loss of how to handle it!

The weather in FLA is finally starting to actually feel like proper winter-ish weather and I might maybe have enough warm clothes for V (finally….maybe…). I bought him some fuzzy sheets for his little crib so his bed would be warmer. We are totally all over the ‘no blankets in the crib’ thing, and I felt horrible about just laying him down in the middle of the crib with nothing surrounding him. So I was all over the fuzzy-wuzzy sheets thing.

Anyways, those sheets must have been nice as in the middle of the night I found him flipped over, sleeping peacefully on his tummy.

Which freaked me out.

A lot.

As you may or may not know, the current philosophy is that ‘back is best’ when it comes to putting babies to bed. Although, when I was a baby sleeping on the tummy was the thing. It probably will change again when my little man grows up and has babies of his own (oh god!), but at any rate thats where we are now. All literature fully and completely supports this, and of course we want to do what’s best for our darling V.

Anyways, so I flipped him back and he snoozed the rest of the night away on his back.

The following night, M got up and check on him only to find him sleeping happily away on his tummy, he freaked out, flipped him back and came back to bed. I got up a while later, checked on him and found him sleeping on his side, so I gently eased him onto his back. He woke up and was on his side in seconds. And I was at such a loss of what to do with him that I picked him up and took him to bed with me (which is delicious).

Today I rushed home from my company’s christmas party, picked up V from the in-laws and headed home. We had dinner and a bath and then became a fussface and so I put him to bed. The second his back hit the mattress, he was over on his side again, reaching for the crib bumper and attempting to stuff it in his mouth. My mind was like “Ok! Thats the end of that! Bye bye crib bumpers!” and I removed them on the spot. His little feet immediately went through the bars of the crib and got stuck and he screamed in suprise, but we fixed that. I think he was kind of suprised/shocked that they were gone so suddenly. There were a couple of little whimpers and after a bit of wiggling around he went right to sleep.

I watched him as he slept, and marvelled at how different he looked in that crib. When we first brought him home he was soooooo tiny in it. So small that we could lie him with head and feet between the long lengths of the crib. Now he sleeps in it like any normal person sleeps in a bed. And now it has no bumpers so the crib looks so bare and prison-like (as I was just saying to Loo on the phone). All those bars….sigh….. my big boy….

anyways, off to bed for me! Mr V-P and I are off to see Santa tomorrow, its a big day!


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4 responses to “Fuzzy Sheets

  1. Lindsay

    ooh, fuzzy sheets! this post made me kinda sad – he’s going to be so big when we see him next! I hope the santa excursion went well! xoxo

  2. Jaime

    Oh he’s such a big boy now…. I swear he grew while I was at work today.
    The Santa excursion did go well! Although in the middle of the parade he had had enough, cried cried cried and then fell asleep. Lol! Such a silly boy…

  3. maziemoomoo

    How did you get him to go to bed awake? Jax always falls asleep eating, so I’m going to have a hard time when I have to try to get him to bed awake.

  4. Jaime

    I have no idea, I just put him to bed….with lullabys. He cries a little bit, but passes out and pretty much sleeps from 7 pm to 6 am *fingers crossed*. I’ve probably jinxed myself by saying that!

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