Post Turkey

I am right smack in the middle of a wonderful stretch of days off, which means that I get extra time with darling V. Darling V who is terribly clever these days and figured out how to roll over and now can’t do anything else!
He did it for the first time on Tuesday, while M was home with him. I can’t ever believe how glad I am that he rolled over at home with us for the first time. He is in daycare all week long, so there’s is always that worry that we are going to miss his big moments. Thankfully we didn’t miss this one!

M survived a whole week home with V by himself! Amazing! There were a few moments that were touch and go, that I am not at liberty to report on =]

I am still feeling the effects of Thanksgiving dinner and the run-off from Black Friday, which I stupidly went out in. Clearly I was still feeling the effects of the turkey, because there is no other explanation for why I decided it was a good idea to go shopping AND to take wee V with me!

Poor V was so tired yesterday from all of the fun and excitement of Gramma and Pop-pop’s house that he went right to bed last night without a fuss. And tonight too. Which is where I should be as the tiredness I am experiencing is making me unfunny… which is awful!

Must sleep…..

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