Saturday night finds me on the sofa watching “Hellboy 2” with a glass of wine. So pleasant.

Darling V is finally in bed. He is clock-work in his crankiness (which he gets equally from both M and I), always when he gets hungry and just before bed.

I hope that he sleeps all night tonight. Oh please, I hope and pray he does! He was sleeping so well, but then started waking up at all hours. And wiggling his little body into all sorts of places in his crib, which would scare him and result in a late night wake-up call for mummy.

I always think that his lack of sleeping is a result of a growth spurt, but its been about 3 weeks of the up-at-all-hours and I seriously can’t imagine that he would be growing constantly for that long. Figuring out his bedtime meal is like a complicated math problem that I just can’t solve. I was feeding him too much, so I fed him less which turned out not to be enough. And in the mean time, his appetite increased, so when I increased his food it still wasn’t enough. I might almost be there though. Fingers crossed for tonight!

Next week is Thanksgiving down here, and M is off the whole week. And V is staying home from daycare to spend some time with his Papa. Hopefully M will survive!

I am up way past my bedtime (which, apparently, ideally is way before 9 pm…. even 8 pm is ok too). Long gone are those days when M and I would stay up partying all night and get home as the sun was coming up. And then sleep until 2 pm. And then do it again the next night. Sometimes we reminisce “Remember that time when we left that club in Hamamatsu and it was 8 am and we passed our boss on her way in to the office, while we were on our way home?”. Good times….

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