I *heart* M Part 2

Last night I caught M doing something that I could hardly even believe. I know he’s going to read this too and be oh, probably embarrassed and slightly annoyed with me. I know this because I told him I was going to write about it on purpose just because he told me not to.

While he was lying in bed last night, getting ready to settle in and watch a dvd I came in and plunked a basket of baby laundry on the bed. Our darling child seems to go through an amazing amount of clothing. I am still making the transition from ‘Florida summer’ to ‘Florida winter’ clothes and have yet to purchase enough long pants and warmer clothes for him, so he wears layers and layers of things….. more things for him get dirty! (and by get dirty I mean drool on and spit up all over).

I love his little clothes, and sadly enjoy folding them. While I was pregnant, I washed and ironed every little piece of clothing that I bought for him. Probably because I was pregnant. Not because I like ironing.

Anyways, there I was folding some laundry. And after folding a few things, Mike must have felt like he should help so he sat up and started folding some socks. And some more socks. And then another pair of socks. Followed by some more socks.

Finally I clued in.

He was selectively folding!

And when I finally realized that I knew what he was doing, he burst out laughing . And then looked really guilty.

Try to imagine what he must have been thinking. “Onesie? Too complicated” *puts it back and picks up another onesie* “Hmm, looks kinda difficult” *throws it back in hamper and picks up a bib* “How the heck do you fold this?! I’ll leave it for Jame” *tosses it down and picks up a sweater “Ummmmm…. ooh socks!” *folds socks and reaches into basket and picks up a blanket* “This one’s the shape of a square! I can fold squares!”…..etc etc etc.

If he is selectively folding, what else is he selectively doing?

Something I will be pondering for the next little while….

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