My new special skills…

I am indeed a superhero.
My new skills are practically magical in nature.

Let me share…

My first new skill I discovered a few weeks ago.
It is the ability to create a song at the drop of a hat, entirely based on the circumstances.

Now I am not a tuneful person. I love karaoke, but can’t carry a tune and happily inflict my karaoke stylings on anyone who will listen. Usually after a glass of wine. Or two. (I do a wicked ‘Life is a Cabaret”).

Anyways, my child will happily do anything while we sing.

Now my husband cracks me up.
He will stand over V (while V is happily kicking his little chubby legs in his bouncy chair), grin like a lunatic while clapping his hands like a small child and shout “There was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name-o…B-I-N-G-O!! B-I-N-G-O!”. V loves it and those little legs kick harder and faster then ever before…

It is the funniest thing ever, and I never tire watching him do it.

I sing a little differently…

Here’s a sample play-list:

1: Vincent’s in the kitchen with Mummy (Someones in the kitchen with Dinah)
2: Scrub scrub scrub your toot (Row row row your boat)
3: Poops in the pants, poops in the pants! (Farmer in the dell)
4: Chomp chomp (Vincent is the baby with the sharp teeth……. sung to no particular tune at all)
those are my most recent ones…

My other most magical of skills amazes me every time it happens.

Picture this…..

Wee V pitching a fit in his crib, legs kicking, cries increasing in volume by the second.(classical music playing softy and serenely in the background)
Small legs lifting and slamming themselves down on a tiny mattress with increasing force (thuds echoing over baby monitor).

:V’s room door opens:

mummy enters stage right and approaches crib side…

Mummy places a hand on the tummy of the writhing wailing child.

Instantly the wails cease and sleep commences immediately.

Its so odd. Literally I place my hand on him, and he instantly falls asleep. Its astonishing and magical. And astounds me every time it happens.

And so again I am a super hero

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