I am going bald

Currently this is at the top of my list….

I really wish that I would stop loosing my hair.

I had lush, thick gorgeous hair during pregnancy, which comes with the territory. And post-delivery, it was still there.
But lately I have noticed its falling out. And not just a little, a huge amount.

And the only reason I am thinking about this is I just took a shower. And while I was washing and rinsing my hair (while I was thinking about how nice my body-wash smelt and enjoying what little time alone I now have–a shower is now like a nap to me) I noticed huge clumps knotted around my fingers. Watching it drift towards the drain was disturbing (as is the image of my hair in the bottom of the tub, I am sure). There was so much hair it almost looked like a small animal. And my hair is curly, so it was like a small curly-haired animal. Like a baby sheep. Circling the drain…. baby sheep-hair….what on earth am I talking about..

Of course I had noticed this before…. for the last 6 to 8 weeks or so. And by now, the amount of hair of mine that has floated down into the Floridian sewers has, I am sure, been the bedding in many a lovely little rat-nest bed, I can’t help but wonder when it will stop.

Because at this current rate of loss, I am sure that I am heading towards baldness at an alarming speed. Like tomorrow.

I know this is part of the post-pregnancy thing, but honestly…. when will it end please god! My imagination cannot handle the thought of all of the rat-beds I am furnishing, nor the idea that I am sending little baby sheep-hair animals to their certain death in the sewers below.

And also I just, plain and simple, don’t like seeing all of the hair. Even though to be honest my hair doesn’t really look all that thinner, but I have had enough of leaving a little trail of curly hairs everywhere I go. Not those hairs, you perv… regardless

I have had enough.
It is time for this hair suicide to end!

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